Ep #88: Finding Purpose & Autonomy in Life To Reach Your Fullest Potential w/Daniel Burke-Aguero

November 02, 2023 Adam McChesney Episode 88
Ep #88: Finding Purpose & Autonomy in Life To Reach Your Fullest Potential w/Daniel Burke-Aguero
Show Notes

Today’s guest and I just got connected for the first time a few months ago through an online community called Connected Leaders Academy. We were chatting over Zoom a few months ago, and we were chatting back and forth about how many times we could have potentially actually ran into each other years ago due to living in Columbia and being in some of the same circles. 

He’s one of the brightest minds I’ve met and he’s accomplished so much in such a short period of time, dating back to his college years. 

My guest today is Daniel Burke-Aguero. He is an Executive Coach, Speaker, Author, Leader, Trainer, Father, Husband, and much more. 

Daniel cut his teeth in true sales and leadership early when at 18 years old he was selected for a summer internship program that brought him half way across the country to knock on doors selling books and educational resources 85+ hours a week straight commission paying his way through University. 

This led to another 6 summers of cold calling, knocking on over 25,000 doors and running an organization of over 60 salespeople while still recruiting, selling, developing and training his team as well. Since then he has consistently been a top 5% producer in every arena he has participated in building multiple businesses, helping others do the same and enjoying the ride every step of the way.   

Today, Daniel is an experienced and sought after coach who is an expert on the myths of time management, generating a referral-based business and living a life of intention. Daniel believes that his super power is in helping people cut out the noise of what society tells us to pursue by instead helping people identify for themselves what they truly want most in life and then helping them stick to the path to achieve it. 

In 2018 Daniel took the leap and started over building the coaching business from the ground up. Along the way he has impacted thousands of lives in person and virtually in multiple capacities. 

As a certified keynote speaker, trainer, coach and a nominee for Southwestern Consulting’s Coach of the Year, Daniel has consistently partnered with professionals in multiple industries and coached them to the best year of their careers. 

When he is not pouring into his clients Daniel loves to spend time with his wife and two kids outside exploring the woods, playing music or pushing to that next level as an accomplished Ultra Endurance Athlete. Daniel is fascinated with the idea of human potential and he is currently training to break a personal record by running 110 miles In under 24 hours. 

Connect with Daniel: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-burke-aguero-700aa396/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dburkeaguero/ 

SWC Website: https://southwesternconsulting.com/coaches/daniel-burke-aguero