Ep #81: From Working as a Police Officer to Building a Dominate Roofing Company w/Kenny Robinson

September 14, 2023 Adam McChesney Episode 81
Ep #81: From Working as a Police Officer to Building a Dominate Roofing Company w/Kenny Robinson
Show Notes

Today I’m joined by someone I’ve gotten to know really well over the past 2 years. He’s a family man, entrepreneur, coach, podcast host and much more. I’ve had the opportunity to play golf with him, and get to know him outside of just who he is as a businessman. I’m lucky enough to call him a friend and someone that I get to do life with.

My guest today is Kenny Robinson. He is the Owner of Roof Savers, a roofing company in Foley, Alabama.

Kenny Robinson lives in Fairhope, Alabama, a small community on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, just 12 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. He has 5 children (Son - Kenneth 21, Daughter - Kenadie 15, Son – Kaden 11, Son – Dawson 5, Daughter – Masynn 3). Kenny and his wife Macey enjoy building their businesses and finally being full time entrepreneurs. They like to get away and do some hunting and fishing or enjoy a day out on the boat whenever possible.

Kenny has been a roofing contractor since June 2019, and owns a Roof Maxx dealership he runs along with that. Leading up to becoming Roof Maxx dealers Kenny and his wife both worked in law enforcement. Kenny was a police officer with the Fairhope PD, and Macey was a dispatcher for the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. Kenny was looking for a way to replace Macey’s income so she could stay at home with the children when he came across Roof Maxx. He had always wanted to own his own business and after several skeptical days of research and phone calls he was able to convince the family that Roof Maxx was the direction they were headed. They decided half a year later to go into full service roofing contracting.

Kenny’s wife Macey was able to leave her job within the first month of opening their dealership, and after one year, June 2020, Kenny made the decision to go "all in" and was able to leave his job as well. From the beginning Kenny spent his time networking and educating people about Roof Maxx.  Kenny is always willing to help others succeed and believes that the success of the brand will only improve his ability to close sales. Kenny started off as a “one man” operation and developed his business to a point where Macey handles the office work, phone calls, and scheduling while he is in the field selling and maintaining quality control.

Together Kenny and his wife also own an Italian Ice business called "Scoop of Sunshine". 

Kenny is a devoted husband, father, and entrepreneur. 

Connect with Kenny:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kenny.robinson.9421 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kennyrobinson42/ 
Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/avoid-the-confusion/id1680883709 
Website: https://roofsaversllc.com/