Ep #70: Importance of Focus & Niching Down w/Russ Perry

June 29, 2023 Adam McChesney Episode 70
Ep #70: Importance of Focus & Niching Down w/Russ Perry
Show Notes

Today we have another great episode lined up for you. 

My guest and I haven’t officially met yet. We chatted back and forth via email to get this podcast scheduled. I’ve seen him speak in person at a few events, and very familiar with his company, but really excited to learn more about him and his journey today. His company has an incredible booth setup at conferences, that you won’t be able to miss. 

My guest today is Russ Perry. Russ is the Founder & CEO of Design Pickle, which is the world’s most successful flat-rate creative services agency. Under his leadership, Design Pickle has grown from 2 team members, to over 700 globally, completion millions of creative requests. 

Russ Perry is a creative leader, entrepreneur, author, and subject matter expert on "creative technology," currently serving as the CEO and founder of Design Pickle. He has helped hundreds of companies optimize their creative workflows by operationalizing technology and AI, making creative teams more efficient, effective, and scalable.

With his deep understanding of the challenges of creative work as a former agency owner, Perry has transformed the creative process through Design Pickle. This subscription-based creative solution has empowered brands like Yahoo!, Impossible Foods, McGraw Hill, and Amazon to efficiently produce creative at scale, making Design Pickle the world's most successful flat-rate creative services company.

Under Perry's uniquely unconventional leadership, Design Pickle has grown from two creative team members to over 700 globally. Since its 2015 inception, the company has completed more than 1.25 million creative requests and consistently ranks on Inc.'s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies. Perry's guiding principles have reimagined the intersection of creative services, technology, customer service, and innovation, driving Design Pickle's success.

Connect with Russ:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russperry/ 
Website: https://designpickle.com/