Ep #58: Win Fast, Win Often w/Mike Claudio

April 06, 2023 Adam McChesney Episode 58
Ep #58: Win Fast, Win Often w/Mike Claudio
Show Notes

Today we have another great episode lined up for you. This is someone that I’ve wanted to have on the show forever, since the very beginning. He’s someone that I’ve known for almost 3 years now, and very few people have had the impact on me, that he’s had. I don’t say that lightly, so for the audience, I want you to make sure to listen to this episode because it’s going to change lives. 

I listen and watch everything this guy does. From how he operates his life, to the person he is as a father and husband, and everything he does to be a leader in his life and for his company.

I have been coached and mentored by him for years. I believe in everything this guy stands for with his mission and purpose, and I’m lucky to be a client of his, but more importantly call him a friend. 

My guest today is Mike Claudio. He is the Owner of WinRate Consulting, Host at The Big Stud Podcast, and has a non-profit called A Champions Shoes. He’s a best-selling author, speaker, and coach. Above all, he’s an incredible husband and father. 

Mike Claudio: Owner and Head Coach of WinRate Consulting. Mike’s mission is to make an impact with every conversation he has. He helps home service companies and contractors to improve their business development, sales, and leadership practices so they can create the business they truly want. He bases everything off of knowing how to identify the right clients, knowing what to do to target them both in person and online, implementing qualifying techniques so you only spend time on the right opportunities, and what to do before, during and after sales calls to differentiate yourself to close the deal.

Mike has over 17+ years’ experience in Business Development, Sales, and Leadership. The last 7 years he has been leading and scaling construction companies both for others and himself. He’s assisted numerous companies increase their revenue by millions of dollars due to his structured approach of communication—follow through—and follow up. Mike takes a personal hands-on approach to coaching and has implemented formulas and systems that take businesses from 6 to 7+ figures.

• Published author of #TOOSTRONG
• Host of Big Stud Sales Podcast
• Founder of A Champion’s Shoes Non-profit
• Successful YouTube channel
• 2018 NARI Charlotte Rookie of the year
• 2019 & 2020 NARI Charlotte Businessperson of the Year
• NARI National Approved Speaker
• North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors approved educator