Ep #56: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity w/Ron Holloway

March 23, 2023 Adam McChesney Episode 56
Ep #56: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity w/Ron Holloway
Show Notes

Today we have another great episode lined up for you. I originally got connected with this guest via our OG department at Hite. They sent me over his information and mentioned he would be a great guest for the podcast. 

He and I hopped on a quick Zoom call to learn more about each other, and I’m excited for this episode. 

He’s a former DSS Special Agent who in 2011 became cognitively and physically impaired after a decade in the most stressful job in federal law enforcement.  He decided he would rebuild himself better than he was and on this journey became the first social media influencer in the federal government, earned a master's degree in LOD with a focus on executive coaching, to a senior advisor in the US Department of State responsible for developing the mental skills of 2,000 special agents and 50,000 support personnel, and he’s now an entrepreneur.  

This journey accompanied by training from Harvard, career experience, self study, and a lot of time as my own guinea pig lead to my becoming a sme on antifragility and crisis leadership.

My guest today is Ron Holloway. He is an Anti-Fragility Coach, Consultant, and Public Speaker. He’s also written an e-book called “Antifragility: 10 principles to live by to turn crisis into opportunity”

Ron Holloway is the CEO of Arrow Coaching LLC, where he helps individuals and organizations develop the traits, skills, and beliefs necessary to prevail in an ever changing world.  Ron is also the author of Antifragility: 10 Principles to Live by to turn Crisis into Opportunity.   Ron is a former diplomat and Special Agent with the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

Ron was also the first social media influencer in the US Government.  Where he was considered a thought leader and inspiration to many.

He holds a master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development from UT-Dallas and has advanced training in crisis leadership from Harvard.

During Ron’s journey he developed a health condition that affected him cognitively, emotionally, and physically.  Over the course of overcoming this condition he delved deeply into philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, physiology and spirituality and blended them to create a unique way to handle challenges and live a fulfilled life.