Ep #40: Reaching Our True Potential in Every Element of Life w/Josh Meunier

December 01, 2022 Adam McChesney Episode 40
Ep #40: Reaching Our True Potential in Every Element of Life w/Josh Meunier
Show Notes

Today we have another great episode lined up for you. When I tell you I’m excited about this one, I am not kidding. This guy and I met earlier this year through WinRate Consulting and The Champions Circle, and the impact he has had on me personally and professionally, is incredible. I’m lucky enough to call him my business coach, and friend. He’s hands down one of the smartest people I have ever met, and I learn something new every time I talk to him. 

You are going to want to pay attention, and take some notes. When this guy talks, I listen. 

My guest today is Josh Meunier. Josh is an investor, entrepreneur, author, and Forbes Contributor. He is a Coach at WinRate Consulting, Owner/Designer at Free Space Studio, and Podcast Host at The Uncommon Element. 

Josh Meunier is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record of building and selling a five star home service and construction company. 
He now serves as the fractional COO to dozens of companies helping them simplify, systemize, and scale businesses with his tactical consulting approach. Josh serves clients by addressing their needs head on while establishing better culture and harmony throughout the business and personal lives. 
His clients have reached the Inc 1000 fastest growing companies, won best Marketing Company in St. Louis, top flooring and construction companies across the United States, with even more growing in the hundreds of percents in their Y.o.Y growth. 
Josh is a graduate of Northeastern University ‘09 with degrees in Entrepreneurship & Marketing. During his career as a collegiate lacrosse player he was awarded All-Conference honors three times, was selected as an All-American twice, and selected as Captain in his Junior & Senior seasons. 
After college Josh was trained in Sales Consulting at EMC, the world leader in data storage, cloud environments, & data security. He rose through the ranks to be promoted quickly to an outside sale role in Boston, MA. 
Josh decided to move to San Francisco to work for Oracle as an Emerging Markets Account Executive where he managed accounts like Rack Space and other rapidly growing start ups making long term strategy for scale with technology. 
At 26 Josh had his second near death experience which changed the trajectory of his life and he took off to travel the world. Which changed the trajectory of his life forever and brought him to personal development and entrepreneurship.