Ep #34: Helping Clients Win w/Joseph Hughes of Contractor Dynamics

October 20, 2022 Adam McChesney Episode 34
Ep #34: Helping Clients Win w/Joseph Hughes of Contractor Dynamics
Show Notes

Today we have another great episode lined up for you. This guest and I have been connected through a few different groups like TCC with WinRate Consulting and Apex, and have gotten the chance to get to know each other well this year. He’s a brilliant mind that has built a great brand and provides an essential service that empowers contractors to grow their own brand online. I’ve learned a lot from him watching from afar, and I’m excited for him to share some insights with you today.

My guest today is Joseph Hughes. He is the CEO of Contractor Dynamics, a marketing training company for the roofing & construction industry. He lives with his family in Jersey Shore, NJ. 

Joseph’s purpose in life and in business is very simple: to equip people and companies with the tools to transform and grow. 

He grew up in his family’s construction business, Hughes Marine Firms, in New York & New Jersey, as a 6th generation family member. He started working in the shipyard in Brooklyn NY at the age of 14 - waking up early, putting in long hours, learning many trades, and having the opportunity to work alongside hard-working people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Upon graduating from Boston College with concentrations in Finance & Information Systems, Joseph earned a spot in the family business’ main office in Edison NJ, where, over the next 9 years, he learned a ton about nearly every aspect of running a construction and real estate business with multiple locations and divisions.

In 2013, he combined his construction background with his passion for business and marketing, and started his marketing training company Contractor Dynamics.

Most contracting companies don’t have a system for consistently and predictably building their brand and generating their own customers. Joseph and his awesome team at Contractor Dynamics train contracting companies on how to do their own marketing, so that they have more control over their growth and their future. 

Today, they work with construction companies of all sizes throughout North America to help them leverage brand power and marketing to elevate to new levels. The Contractor Dynamics marketing training program is a blend of 1:1 training, small group implementation guidance, and business coaching from active contracting company owners.

Joseph also runs a leadership mastermind called The Impact Syndicate, to help others develop leadership and other skills to create a deeper impact in the lives of others. 

To Joseph, business is fun and exciting every day. But what he enjoys most is loving and leading his family. He has been married to his beautiful wife Alyssa for 12 years, and they have a son Hunter and a daughter Serafina. The Hughes family resides at the Jersey Shore, where they enjoy being active in sports, surfing, traveling, and hosting friends and family at their home. Joseph is a marathoner and triathlete, works out every day, and is on a lifelong mission of personal and professional development.