Ep #14: Becoming Unbreakable and VUCA Trained w/Jose Bolanos

June 02, 2022 Adam McChesney Episode 14
Ep #14: Becoming Unbreakable and VUCA Trained w/Jose Bolanos
Show Notes

Adam’s mindset and life coach, Jose Bolanos joins the Entrebrewer Podcast today. He is also the VP of Leadership Development at Hite Digital. Adam & Jose have been working together for over a year, and it has dramatically changed his life. Jose has an incredible way of connecting with, and coaching entrepreneurs to live a life that’s backed by a commitment. This commitment is your why for everything that you do, both in business and your personal life. In this episode, Jose discusses his Unbreakable challenge that includes an ice bath, along with the philosophy behind “VUCA”. 

Jose Bolanos Bio“If you want to help others facilitate their lives, first learn what it means to facilitate your own.”

This is what my mentor told me when I told him I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others live their best lives. 20 years later and I’m still learning what it means to facilitate my own life. Today I understand it’s a lifelong process.

From my mentor I also learned about transformation. He taught me that transformation is not changing who you are, it’s becoming more of who you were designed to be. But this only happens through self-understanding and fearlessness.

Taking his advice to heart I started investing time and resources fearlessly into my own personal development, exposing myself to a variety of disciplines, principals, methods and tools. I applied these in my life and started developing my own unique understanding of personal development, leadership and transformation. My own life had become the laboratory.

Determined to learn how to best serve others I decided to train formally and rigorously as a coach. I started training under another amazing mentor in a unique coaching methodology, Presence Based Coaching. The basic premise in PBC is that presence is the key competency to navigating the complexities we face in our personal and professional lives. I am convinced this is true.

With time It became clear to me that my purpose is to be a source of presence, strength and transformation for others.

As a coach I have worked with business leaders, entrepreneurs and activists. The world is in dire need of strong, stable and impactful leaders. Though I always tell my clients “You are not my client. Those that surround you are my clients. Your spouse, kids, workers, community… those are my clients”.

I also became fascinated with complexity management. I came to understand that managing life is a complex challenge in itself and we all need to build our capacity to manage it effectively. This has become a big piece of my work, helping my clients make sense of complexity so they could take better and more skillful actions.

I also came to understand that complexity management is philosophical (mindset), physiological and spiritual. Based on that premise I combined other disciplines into my work such as mindfulness, breathwork, somatic intelligence, stoic philosophy and interpersonal neurobiology. I’ve managed to synthesize these different approaches into my own unique approach to personal and leadership development.

Today I have 20 years of experience working with hundreds of organizations, and thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs and activists, in over 13 countries, helping them build their capacity to thrive in complexity.